Unique overnight stay

on the Texel beach

Want to spend the night in a very special place? Check in at Strandhotel Noordzee in De Koog. This is the only beach hotel on Texel on the outer dune row of De Koog. Wake up to fabulous views of the expansive beach, enjoy the rising sun, and hear the chirping sandpipers and pheasants. An unforgettable experience!

Hotel rooms

Spacious rooms right by the sea. Some rooms have a steam shower.
Bekijk Hotel rooms Bekijk Hotel rooms


Luxurious 4-person suites with comfortable furnishings and spacious private terrace.
Bekijk Suites Bekijk Suites

Food and drink

The wind, the murmur of the sea, and the delicious feeling of freedom: the Texel beach has enormous appeal. At Restaurant Noordzee you will have a front row seat to the seaside beauty. Enjoy a snack and a drink inside or outside with a sea view. Our menu includes a variety of dishes from all over the world as well as local Texel specialties.

Sleep by the sea? 

A unique hotel in a unique location. No two rooms are the same at Strandhotel Noordzee. Each room and suite has its own special character that reflects Texel island life: spacious and comfortable. Choose a luxurious hotel room or spend the night in one of our comfy 4-person suites.